Bachelor’s Program “Law Science” Short Discription

Those who have decided to master the lawyer’s prestigious profesion at Georgian Technical University, at the Faculty of Law and International Relations, the Bachelor’s Degree Program in Law will acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills which will help to create a successful legal career.

In the implementation of the program, there are involved well-known Georgian and foreign theorists, which are successful practitioners and non-governmental sectors representatives, allowing the student to have direct and affordable contacts with people and shape the legal basis of the country.

The Law Program of Georgian Technical University will provide students with all the courses of study and the practical skills, the fundamental methods of legal techniques and the principles of legal reasoning, as well as the valuation and ethical basis of the law. At the same time, the Socratic method of teaching facilitates student’s understanding of legal issues, developing critical thinking skills, formulating legal arguments and justification.

The Bachelor’s Program of Law is oriented on national law with compulsory subjects; the student has the option to choose non-essentials subjects from international, criminal, public and private law. In addition, the program offers students to select English language subjects. In order to better understand these subjects, the course envisages enhanced teaching of English language and legal English. Part of the program is the interdisciplinary approach, which includes the study of neurological disciplines close to the law science or functionally related.

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